We offer online credit courses to open doors for post-secondary studies for students

Why Choose Us?


We offer an excellent program including high-quality instructional videos, tests with instant feedbacks, interactive labs, and online forums that can ensure A-level academic achievement.

What is our Credential?

Study Abroad Online Academy (BSID#665755) is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and has the authority to grant credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma

What can I do to get acceptance into University?

You need 6 university preparation courses with English being mandatory; 6.5 IELTS Academic score. It is advised that you send your current transcript to the principal if you don't know what courses to take.

Can I study in China?

You can study in China without the need to come into Canada.

How Can I Register?


The registration process can be completed:
1. Filling out the "registration form" online/in-office.
2. Pay $399 registration fee.

How do I begin study after I register?

Your elearn will be set up within 24 hours of your payment. You will have full access to your course material after that.

How long it takes to finish a course?

You can study for a course at your pace for 16 weeks (4 months). If you want a speed finish, you can complete a course fastest for 8 weeks (2 months). Each course is designed to have 110 hours of study.

What is within my Welcome Package?

You will receive a Welcome Package including eLearn account and password, moodle explanation document, and proctor form.

How do Final Exam Work?

All final exams must be written under the supervision of a designated proctor. You can choose to write the exam at school or finding your own proctor by filling the proctor form. Exams will be emailed to the proctor with full instructions to ensure integrity.

Are there any live tutorial?

Yes! There are live tutorials you can request, each face-to-face tutorial is $49/hour at the school location and $59/hour at your house.

How to get Report Cards?

Your final report card will be ready within 5-7 business days after the day of your exam. A sealed copy will be mailed out to your home and to your school guidance office.

How are lessons organized?


Lessons are posted twice a week, each week will be around 9 hours of study including tests/quizzes. There will be around 13 weeks for each course.

What constitutes attendance?

You are required to log into your course everyday for 2 hours, weekend log-ins are optional. When you log in, you need to click present in "Attendance".

What is the technology requirement to study online?

You need a computer, a wechat app, Microsoft Office, PDF reader, scanner/phone for the documents upload, and internet access.

What is the refund policy?


We charge $399 for each course at the beginning and the rest at the end of the course. There is no refund offered.

Credit definition

A credit is a full course that constitutes 110 hours of study.

Types of Secondary School Courses

courses are offered from Grade 9-12. We offer open courses, academic courses, university-prep courses, and mixed courses.

OST (Transcript) and OSR (Student Record)

We keep OST and OSR if students are enrolled on full-time basis, otherwise, only student's report card will be mailed to the day-school of students.

Community Involvement Requirement

Students must have 40 hours in order to obtain OSSD. We keep a record of it only if the student is enrolled as full-time.

Grade 10 Literacy Requirement: OSSLT

Our full-time students must pass OSSLT to graduate. If students have been unsuccessful for at least once, they are required to enroll in OLC4O course. They must pass OLC4O to meet this requirement.

Assessment and Evaluation

Final mark constitutes 70% of regular course activities (forum discussion, online quiz, tests/assignments) and 30% of final student product evaluation.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Students with foreign study experiences are recognized. We offer equivalency credits based on students home-country transcripts. Students complete 高二 will get 22 Ontario credits.

Achievement Chart

Achievement chart is used by all subject teachers to assess students work (conversation, observation, and products) and to generate a mark for students. Level 3 is the provincial standard (75%). All teachers must know the criteria for each level to ensure evaluation quality.

Course Withdrawal Policy

Students who wish to withdrawal from a course must do so within one week after the midterm report with no refund provided.